Membership Benefits


Discounts & Specials at hundreds of local businesses.

 Restaurants - Dry Cleaners - Nail Salons - Pet Groomers - Auto Repair - Tire Stores - Tanning Spa - Dentists & more! Unlimited use

Official Launch Day is May 1, 2018

We will be posting updates as we add Partners.

$15 for the Year 2018 (billed from Premier Performance Group, LLC (Click the Link)

or Mail a $15 check to:

Premier Performance Group, LLC
1435 E. Venice Ave.

Venice, FL 34292

Membership Benefits

Business Partners will offer their discounts and specials to the Membership Card folks.

So far restaurants are offering 10% off, 15% off, a few at 20%, I'm sure there will be BOGO.

The Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist has a free consultation.

There's already a Pharmacy, and the list grows every day.

Nail Salons, Hairstylists, Electric Dog Fence, Pet Groomers, Massage Therapist, the list appears to be endless.

The website, is up and under construction The official launch date of the Card Program is actually May 1st but as Partners sign up, you can begin using the card.

Cards will start shipping this week.

One member said she dines out 200 times a year and estimated it will save her $400 on dinners alone.